Mobilize the Next Generation of World Changers

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Mobilize the Next Generation of World Changers

It's been an incredible year as the next generation of world changers have stepped up to help bring wholeness and healing to others. 

We don't want to raise the next generation of church goers but the next generation of world changers; we believe they will one day dwarf our contributions in bringing Jesus' wholeness to our broken world.


Develop intentional relationships in small group settings with adult leaders and mentors. The Next Generation Ministries will help kids and students grow in wholeness that Jesus alone brings.

Continue growing the entire family in their love for Jesus and encourage them to continue their conversation of faith together. We believe dedicated and focused “Family Forward” and LIFEtalks are events that will build stronger families who love Jesus.

Bring students in our community, from 6th–12th grade, together in a life of faith, action, and community. Our students will participate in worship services, small groups, mission trips, service projects, and events designed to address the spiritual, emotional, and social needs unique to teenagers.

Use over-the top experiences like Vacation Bible School and age-appropriate gatherings like Friday Frenzie and Lunch Break, where our Next Generation will continue to grow in their amazing friendship with Jesus.

Increase the awareness of St. John School in our community, allowing us to reach more children with an education exceeding that of the local public and private schools while instilling strong Christian values and equipping them to be empowered to impact the world for Christ.