Pursue People Like Never Before

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Pursue People Like Never Before

After just one year of NEXT, life change is happening as together, we pursue people like never before. 

 St. John will continue to be so much more than just
a church open only on Sunday mornings.


Form strategic partnerships with local businesses, non-profits, schools, and government entities, inviting them to engage with us and create change in our local community.

Continue to financially partner with people in need within our local community to help them become self-sufficient while also showing them Christ’s love through our Christ in Action ministry.

Support and facilitate LIFEgroups—life-changing places where men encourage men, women build up women, and couples support couples to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

Reach into our community to be even more inviting by using our Live Stream to create “house churches” where people open up their homes for a New Testament church experience with friends and neighbors who may never otherwise step foot in a church.

Connect to life-changing experiences through short-term mission trips and local service opportunities, positively impacting the lives of people outside and inside of our church.

Engage people through inspiring and life-changing worship services and culturally relevant teaching so that even those who have been away from or have never been to church want to grow deeper on their LIFEjourney.